All In Fun

I spent years photographing models for magazines, for agencies, for portfolio work and the list goes on.  Even though I walked away from shooting this type of work I still have many friends in the industry who are models who still love to have creative and fun shoots.  These are the shoots I really enjoy!

Jessamyne is one of those friends!  It seems like every time she stops by we have fun and just shoot something different.  It works out pretty well because my wife is a photographer too so we all get to play and have fun!  This is one of the best sides of the industry and probably why I could never leave it 100% behind.

Pushing yourself creatively is something I feel you have to do if you wish to keep getting better.  Even when you don’t feel creative you have to force yourself to be creative.  You may fail over and over, but this will lead to better things!  It also feeds into my obsession with everything looking as if I shot it in 1971, but that is just my style.

This shoot was one of those shoots where I wasn’t quite sure of what we were going to shoot.  She had some wardrobe, I had some wardrobe, and well, we just ran with it.  Keeping her in wardrobe was the hard part!  But this is all part of the fun.  And if you’re not having fun you probably shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing!

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