Normal is something I have never wanted to be.  I am a recovering fashion and glamour photographer.  I still shoot portraits and stuff, but I am all about exploring whatever thought is in my head at the moment.

Sky and Jim

Being creative is something which comes naturally.  I am an idea person.  This means I get random ideas all of the time!  Luckily I don’t have the will power to not react to these ideas and this means I get some pretty random photographs.  I love spontaneous creation.  No thinking allowed, just come up with an idea and act on it!

Robyn, Jim, Tara

I love working with women, it is just fun.  We goof off and take some fun photos, sometimes sexy photos but we always have a good time.  And isn’t that what life is meant to be about?  I just want to have fun, take some photos, make some art, and just live life to the fullest!


I have photographed hundreds of weddings and hundreds of boudoir sessions.  I can’t even count how many lifestyle sessions I have done.  I love photographing people in all different settings.  My career started in 1990 and I have been lucky enough to have been able to keep working all these years.  I love what I do, I have passion for what I do and I truly love going to work every single day.

I photograph how I see the world.  With an open mind and an open heart.  Life and love inspire me, beauty is all around, and I never know what I am going to think of next!

jim@jimminics.com 310-409-8929

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