A philosophical rambler who is a little off the deep end.  Reverend Jim is just a title.  Yes, I have been an ordained Reverend since 2002, I am also a new age healer and spiritual adviser or life coach for lack of a better way to explain what it is I do.

I have been exposed to many different cultures, I’ve traveled all over the US and I definitely have my own perspective on life.

I consider myself a recovering fashion/glamour photographer.  While I love working with models and actors, I didn’t really fit in with the industry as a whole.  I don’t mind creating provocative images, nude images and even “sexy” images, but I do have a problem when the subject isn’t told what type of images we are going to be shooting before a shoot.  I don’t like it when a magazine or company asks me to “get a model” to do something.  This should be discussed before a shoot.  And I just didn’t want to be that photographer.  There are enough guys like that in Los Angeles, I don’t need to be another one.

My photographs can be from the simple to the weird.  A mixture of lifestyle and art and fashion and trippy ideas with the chance of some fetish work making its way in there as well.  I don’t like to limit myself.

I am fortunate to have made a lot of friends with models, so I still get to be creative and take photos.  I’ll even send in images to certain magazines who I feel have a great ethical stance on nudity, fashion and how to treat people.  My work will continue on my terms, but now this is my personal blog, I will write about everything, and I mean everything!  The topics will be on photography, philosophy, spirituality, travel and whatever else is in my life at the time.

Who knows what tomorrow brings, I’m just along for the ride.


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