Imants (Jim) Minics


The son of a Latvian immigrant and American Mother.  Growing up in a conservative town with a European father and a mother who was very much on the liberal side of things Jim’s own creative curiosities were always encouraged throughout his entire childhood regardless of what the locals thought.

Picking up the camera at a very young age he began photographing people, pets, landscapes and anything he could think of.  He was a photographer for his high school yearbook.  He began documenting events and was asked to shoot a wedding for a friend’s sister.  This led to more people photography and eventually he landed in the world of glamour in Los Angeles.

His work was published in many fashion and men’s magazines but his passion has always been the documentation of who people really are and photographing editorial content of an adventurous and not so common nature.  Fashion is about creating a mood and telling a story of how you feel, it is not just about taking pretty pictures.  Although there is nothing wrong with a pretty picture either.

Inspired by art, fashion, glamour and everything else beautiful under the sun, Jim has taken his curiosities and run with them.  This is his little spot on the internet where he chooses to share some of his favorite images and stories.


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