Just call me Jim.

I have many interests in life.  I was a professional photographer for many years, photographing models, some celebrities, weddings, events and more.  I still do this on occasion.  I was a professional musician as well.  Doing session work, recording my own music, being a “hired gun” to play lead guitar for bands who were showcasing for record labels.  I even landed a gig to record with a band in NYC and tour with them.  These days my touring is spent a few Friday’s a month running an open mic at my wife’s coffeehouse.  And I love it!

I’m also a carpenter.  I build cool stuff, work on doors, windows, tables and pretty much am the guy they call when nobody else can do the job.  This leads to a lot of fun days of work!

Lately my goals have changed.  I’m back to my old philosophy of “Money is easy to come by, time isn’t. Spend your time wisely.”  Now I want to bring this philosophy to this blog.  Just good vibes, fun times and fun stories of the past, present and possibly ideas for the future.

We all have our own unique perspectives in life, this blog is where I put mine out there into the universe.  You’ll see art, funny photos, hopefully some funny stories and see that no matter where I live, it is always in the House of Positive Vibes.


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