There is a sudden silence in the car as the radio goes quiet.  We have ventured far out into the desert and we see fewer cars in all directions.  We see sand, we see sky, we see opportunity.  We pull over to the side of the road and change our clothes, these kinds of opportunities do not happen every day.  How often can you get a chance to take photos of yourself inside of a moving car on a deserted desert road?

Sky sprawls across the seats and I just drive.  We are heading out to the middle of nowhere for a fashion shoot but this is more important to both of us.  This is us, having fun and taking photos in the car on the way to “work”.

Limitations are for those who care what others think of them.  The same can be said for regret.  Reality is what you make of it, believe me when I say this.  This world is not what you think it is.  We really are not too far off from the Matrix.  Thousands of people attached to life support dreaming of a better life.

I’m driving through the middle of the desert in a Mercedes Benz with a half nude model across my lap while wearing a cowboy hat and funky sunglasses.  I make my own reality.  It doesn’t matter what happens before or after the photograph, the story is in the photographs.  These fractions of seconds will outlast me.  I may be judged for some photos I take, but maybe that is the entire point of taking them?

Opportunities are meant to be taken.  What you do with them is entirely up to you.